Friday, March 11, 2011

spring must be coming...

As the title of this post suggests spring must be coming, because lately I am inspired by EVERYTHING. maybe it is because we are solidly in my birthday month :) or maybe it is because I am making movies.. but Magic is all around. What I really need though is a new scent, like need, must have, pant, pant, pant...

I think this is my future.... come to me L'artisan Chasse aux Papillions....

what do you want for your birthday?


  1. Hector has 2 fragrances from them (almost finished thanks in part to me lol) Premier Figuier and my personal favourit Dzing! Should we do something for our birthdays? I just don't know how to celebrate :(

  2. I have not smelled the fragrances you speak of. Should we go fragrance shopping soon?