Thursday, November 25, 2010


Without fail I am always slightly out of sync with the holiday season, maybe it is the universe or maybe it is the rebellious streak that I have never been quite able to shake in thirty years, but the days that I feel most thankful are not necessarily Thanksgiving or Christmas. I was actually feeling pretty on track with team thankful until right before I left work yesterday. It's boring and should not be that important to me but I had an unfortunate exchange with my co-worker right before it was time to leave. At first I was like are we really about to do this? I did not catch something in a report that she uses for something, blah, blah, blah, I felt bad for all of 10 seconds for my human error because I realized many things very quickly:
1. It was the day before  Thanksgiving why was I still in that office at 4:30 pm?
2. Bummer that we were not on the same page initially when I was preparing that report, but there is nothing I can do about that 5 MINUTES before I am supposed to leave.
3. No part of my job is saving lives or curing cancer, my mom and stepmom actually have jobs where lives are saved and THEY NEVER have the same sort of job complaints as I do........
So my irritation lasted well into this am until I decided to write this long rant and then "thankful" thoughts started to seep in.
here comes the number system again....
1. thankful for these pictures of beautiful navajo women as a reminder that the native americans were better people than the european settlers that came and colonized the united states, they showed them how to grow proper food, harvest and eat. i am thankful my mom always reminded me of that every year and that we lived on an indian reservation so i can never be confused or disconnected from how this country was truly formed!
2. thankful that i am not great at my current job and make a lot of mistakes it actually makes me feel better at the end of the day, because it is not where my heart or skill set lies. awesome!
3. my cousin linda is having her thanksgiving dinner still, i love it every year and it is such a tradition, she was not herself for most of the year but came back to life so to speak at exactly the right time.
4. grateful i will finally get to taste Brandon's brownies and see one of my favorite people this am!
5. Stoked that my stepmother got a blackberry and texted me one of the best things i have ever read, really excited that i inspired her to get a blackberry. awesome! everyone knows how much I LOVE TEXTING!
6. being related to iris and henrietta.
7. tracy is coming to thanksgiving this year and it is going to be amazing. 
8. my knee doesn't hurt.

wow..... i feel better already. happy thanksgiving.

Friday, November 19, 2010


so... nothing like one holiday season to make you think about another holiday season..
i propose that a large group of people dress like 80's rock stars and we march in the parade next year belting classy lines like "tonight thank god it's them instead of you?" Really BONO! is that why you are spending so much time thinking about the "dark continent?" repenting for the bigotry of that line......

or my ultimate HALLOWEEN DREAM is to gather the troops and become a Robert Palmer Halloween!

come on who's in.....