Wednesday, November 23, 2011


1.     FORREST FIR CANDLE – This candle smells like Christmas and the Holiday season. Period.
2.     LAVENDER SEA SOAK – I believe in giving gifts you would want to receive and I want peace this holiday season. This is definitely the road to personal peace.
3.     RMS BEAUTY RAW COCONUT CREAM  - All natural cream for the driest of the dry.
4.     PEPPERMINT BARK  - Happiness is peppermint and chocolate.
5.     FRANKIE’S OLIVE OIL Fatten your face the right way; with smooth skin! Also good for healthy hair and a svelte waist when drizzled on salads.
6.     MILLENEUFCENTQUATREVINGTQUATRE SCARF Beautiful silk scarf, gorge!
7.     STAG’S LEAP ARTEMIS CABERNET SAUVIGNON After the hunt it’s time to get onboard with that peace train, part two of the personal peace plan.