Friday, March 18, 2011

heroes and broken traditions.....

Birthdays have always felt like New Year's to me. Much more than January 1st... Reflection boo is what it "tis" about...So last year two of my friends got me an "astrological chart" that when next Wednesday hits I still have not seen.. Upon reflection, maybe they can get their money back and get me this instead...
get it here clowns!
I would get it myself BUT here is where the broken tradition is coming to play. I am used to receiving a tax return and with said return I buy a humble birthday present for self and store the rest for rainy days. This year the Feds are playing me H-A-R-D. Those suckas claim my unemployed/underemployed self owe them some dough lo. Unless you are setting up a personal workstation for me at the Franklin Mint it ain't happening. 

I want to end this post on a happy note. So without further adieu, Heroes.

Sometimes something or someone comes along and reminds you of the person that you had intended to be, the way you imagined you were going to live your life.... A hero. The man on the right is a HERO. I thought one day my little sister and I would produce these kind of shirts and live the dream. I am grateful that this man has put me back on the yellow brick road.

image found on awesometown


  1. Frugal Birthday this year = Lux Birthday next! I'm thinking of just inciting people over for tea and cookies for my celebrations but dunno how well that will go down :/

  2. I am all for the Lux Birthday! We need to go to the new tea place that just opened bosie tea parlor.