Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When I see those words together oddly enough I think of my maternal grandmother. This is a woman that says “sex” instead of “cheese” when being photographed because she asserts “you obviously make a better face.” I would never argue with that logic, because for the record she has never taken a bad picture.
 She generally uses the term “hot and bothered” when she has a crush on someone or something… That is exactly what is happening to me today… I am hot and bothered after watching the BEST miniseries of all time known as North and South based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. My love for 19th century period pieces knows no bounds… it is my absolute guiltiest pleasure and like many before me I have fallen hard for the penultimate fictional pin up Fitzwilliam Darcy. But last night with no more Netflix instant episodes of Parks and Recreation, I discovered his total and complete replacement, Mr. Thornton. This self made cotton manufacturer is NEXT LEVEL. One of my fellow 19th century English period piece obsessive’s emailed me today and recommended I watch North and South and Bleak House, because Downton Abbey had ended and before signing off she warned me: you may develop passionate crush on lead Talk about when meta physical worlds collide because I told her that yesterday night I binged on the entire miniseries and have been unable to concentrate on anything else since…. Happy Wednesday!


Hot & bothered


  1. Holy hell! Tell me more... I think I need to watch it now!

  2. Aaah yes I remember seeing this back home in England. Aaaah memories.