Wednesday, August 25, 2010

meet me in cochise county.....

i vacillate between thoughts of dirty dancing.... elvis and me....depeche mode anyone?

will cotton is everything.... their expressions are pure boredom.,, because they know what i know...

this is obviously my kind of tea partier

does it make you wish you were "special?"
check out Carl Kleiner!

images courtesy of the links and krisatomic, Aline Smithson, Melinda Josie


  1. Love it. Somebody by Depeche Mode comes to mind. Johnny Castle is my man...

  2. I desperately want those cookies!

  3. i think it goes without saying... "Personal Jesus"??

  4. yeah, I just read "I think Mommy blog"...she has great ideas, but puts a lot of her religious beliefs out there.