Friday, August 13, 2010

leave me alone so i can listen to Richard Marx in peace!

So it's the 13th... spooky and weird are the words usually used to describe the superstitious feelings surrounding this day. I gleefully woke up thinking of former president George W. Bush, "weird" was the subject of the most awesome article ever written about him! The article posted below is all you really need to get through the day and perhaps life! That and we are supposed to have a game changing meteor shower this evening! Meteor thoughts drift towards the cosmos and quite naturally to astrologyzone!

horoscope for aries: august 13

this could be an INCREDIBLE day - one where you feel a sense of sudden release from a long held fear or anxiety you've been holding inside. Expect true liberation, thanks to Uranus (seriously)....(te he te he), the planet of REVOLUTION, re entering Pisces (this language is so homo-erotic and i love it) and your twelfth house. Until next March you'll not only release yourself from what's holding you back, but you'll also have a chance to reveal a hidden talent. Oppression will be a thing of the past!

Am I about to liberate myself with a cleanse? .....use it wisely soldier.


  1. The GW article was pretty funny. It made me chuckle. OOh, meteor showers...we can go to the roof to check it out maybe?