Monday, January 31, 2011

world peace

Meet my future wardrobe. A gift from the gods after reading about porn and society this morning.
A case for hobbies may have been a better title for this post, because I want to make a case for hobbies. After reading the article discussing 13 year old girls uploading suggestive images of themselves to FB,  in order to get a "protective reaction/proof that their boyfriend loves them response;" made me think of a male friend of mine telling another mutual female friend of ours that she "needed a hobby." He said this after patiently listening to her obsess unrepentantly about her dating life. "Yeah.... she needs a hobby." So do the DUDES that followed the 13 year old girl article, please insert hobby here, because they would rather watch porn than have sex with flesh and blood humans. No judgment, because I think I would rather get it in with these clothes.... Cheers to hobbies :)

I'm sorry Brandon i try to resist, but I can't... it's cinematic and that's my jam! Riccardo, I want to go to there!
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  1. You know what? Those helmets that some of the girls are wearing made this collection the only Haute Couture that I thoroughly enjoyed. And the fact it is based on geek japan too :)

  2. This is why I appreciate your hi!!! I kind of wish women would wear these kind of dresses at award shows instead of the truly uninspiring formal dressing I see on the red carpet these days...

  3. Wedding dress? A pop of neon is always needed!
    x o